The Changes to Casady in 2015 – Edison Lu ’22


by Edison Lu ’22

There have been many changes at Casady.

  • Someone bought a statue, and he donated it to Casady. He didn’t want us to know his name, so his identity is anonymous.
  • This year, doughnut day was moved to Friday from Thursday.
  • At lunch, they upgraded the plates and glasses, but now, the second waiter has to go with the first waiter to get the food.
  • The food was upgraded too. Now, the food is more tasty and fresh than last year.
  • They added club time, too. It is a period from 1:10-1:40. You can go to clubs, but if you don’t have a club, then you go to your advisor for study hall.
  • They also got new equipment for the Language Lab.
  • They now serve fruit after chapel along with the crackers when you come back to the Middle Division.