Middle Division Cultural Diversity – Bianca Caves ’22


by Bianca Caves ’22

The Casady School Mission Statement is: “Casady School develops excellence, confidence, and integrity in students and prepares them with the skills and knowledge to serve as the foundation for success.”

Casady Middle School embodies that statement completely. It is based strongly on religion and cultural diversity. The International Club helps to celebrate holidays from different cultures. You read through the Bible with Fr. Youmans and learn about different religions’ cultural beliefs and practices. We go to Chapel every day and practice the Episcopalian faith but that does not mean that we do not respect other religions. There are many people in our division who practice different religions and all are welcome at Casady.

Our classes reflect cultural diversity too. In fifth grade you learn French for half the year and Spanish for the other half. In 6th you pick either French or Spanish and in 7th and 8th you continue with French or Spanish and it is a requirement to take Latin.