Houses – Bertie Reiger ’23


by: Bertie Reiger ’23

Woolsey, Taber, Martin, and Kelly make up the four houses of Casady School. The houses are named after different past headmasters of Casady. The houses compete in fun competitions throughout the school year. The four houses are like the ones in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter book series.

When you enter the middle division, you get sorted into a house in front of the whole middle school during  chapel. Each house has a mascot. Woolsey’s is the Woolsey Mammoth, Martin’s is the Nighthawk, Taber’s is the Tabertooth Tiger, and Kelly’s is the Koala.

Each house has two prefects. A prefect is the boss of a house. Woolsey’s prefects are Hayes Sullivan and Peter Berryman. Martin’s prefects are Noah Youmans and Eden Dickerson. Taber’s prefects are Laura Alasad and Christian Owen. Kelly’s prefects are Tony Lemcke and Laura Adams. I’m in Woolsey house. The houses don’t do much in high school, though. Middle school is where they do everything. In lower school, they don’t have houses.

Each year in the first week, there is a chapel time where everyone that is either a new student, a new teacher, or a fifth grader sits down in the raised part of the chapel. Then, the prefects call your name and you are in whatever house they represent. But, if you have a sibling, you are 99 percent guaranteed to be in the same house as them. That is all you need to know about the four houses.