Being New to Middle Division – Rylee Williams ’23


by Rylee Williams ’23

Being new to the middle division is a whole experience in itself. Some of the great things to expect from fifth grade are eating in the cafeteria, having lockers, and making new friends. Here are some quotes from some fifth graders. Jake Henry said, “Fifth grade is harder than fourth.”  Sam Mills said, ”We learn new things.”       

Some new things you’ll learn in fifth grade are: all fifty of The United States and their capitals with Mr. Staats, how to round fractions with Mr. Braden, new vocabulary words with Mrs. Scoville, cells and things of that nature in Mrs. Keith’s class, the parts of an instrument and the history of the instruments and you will get play them with  your other classmates, Mr.Moore, and Mr.Formicola, and how to use proper typing etiquette with Dr. Emerson.

We did some fun things a few weeks ago. One Friday we had our first “Pod Madness” where we played “Heads or Tails” on the back steps. We also got to play an all-grade four square game, which was fun.

The P.E. program is different this year compared to last year. The boys and girls are separate, and last year we were all together. This year we do more intense things like we have a football unit and not just capture the flag, Steal The Bacon  like last year. Each week we have different coaches. We now change in the locker rooms and we use the lockers. When we go to P.E. we leave our bags in the locker room and we walk from the middle division building.

When we go to lunch we are assigned to a lunch table with a teacher and we change tables every two weeks. The lunch is better in fifth grade because we get more choices like sandwiches, soup, and salad. Lunch time is meant to represent family-style dining. When lunch time is over we get to go outside and play four square, play ping pong, go to the Cupboard, do homework, or go out on the lawn and play a game.