From Stage to Screen: Casady Students and Short Film


Gabby Jones, Staff Writer

As the college application season roles around, we get to witness the diverse talents and qualities of students at Casady School, such as theatrical performance. Casady’s theater always puts on great performances, but how well do the students act on screen?

Senior Carl Albert is currently shooting a short film with the help of fellow students for his college application to University of Southern California and possibly Loyola Marymount University. The story takes place in a graveyard with boy who has no knowledge of how he got there. He’s forced to find a way out with the help, or lack thereof, from two mysterious people.

The film stars seniors Lulu Abuelshar, Preston Taylor, and Joe Bonfiglio as the lead. Albert held open auditions for all three roles before narrowing it down to auditions per role. Once he had the lead and second roles casted, he arranged chemistry readings to determine the third and final role.

In classic Casady tradition, the actors have stayed busy. Shooting in the Rose Hill Cemetery has proved difficult to schedule. Bonfiglio said it’s a bit “stressful while balancing school.” That’s not stopping shooting, though. The cast and crew will return to the cemetery to fix a “few flubs” according to Albert.

It’s hardly all work and no play, however. Crew member Livy Simms (junior) described the experience as a fun way to spend time with friends. Everyone understands the importance this film has to Albert, but that doesn’t prevent the lighthearted atmosphere they produce on set. Crew member Turner Waddell (junior) jokingly referred to Albert as “the next M. Night Shyamalan” while Albert laughed at his comment.

If the film sounds interesting to you, you won’t have to wait long. There will be a public viewing sometime in the near future (details TBA).